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  1. I think if ads came to VR they'd be more subtle than that no consumer wants to be ripped out of a videogame to be shown an ad I think the ads would be more organic like billboards and commercials and other background stuff within the VR world rather than an entire experience that you get dropped into without your consent

  2. that's really intense. i appreciate the depth you go into regarding all aspects of vr and its growing place in or society. i have so many questions i don't even know how to formulate yet, but you do a great job of filling in the voids

  3. I mean, on the topic of targeted ads: if you're gonna get an advertisement regardless, would you rather get a loud car commercial that you don't have anything to do with or interest in, or would you rather see an ad for a new processor or graphics card coming out (or whatever things you like). It goes into another entire conversation in of itself, but I think that the future of advertisements in VR won't be terrible honestly.

  4. I work at a marketing agency and all I could think when I saw the billboard in Technolust is "this is the future". Facebook makes it's money on being the most effective advertising platform in history and they bought Oculus. Once eye tracking comes out, the algorthims will be able to measure true engagement even better. I am already to the point where I can install hotjar on any of my websites and literally go back and watch recordings of random users as they browse. The more efficient the ad platforms get, the more willpower it will take to resist purchasing whatever they push to you.

  5. Just download adblock, ffs. Also, advert. is dying, the new generation responds negatively to it. The ads we have now are for your technomoronic elders and really anyone in the baby boomer generation.
    Ads now are representative. Influencers sponsored by ads, walking billboards that have significance to a community, specifically. The new ads are not as annoying, but they have potentially a far more negative impact.

  6. I've never seen any vr game go as low as putting an ad in, and certainly never played one. If, in any context other than a literal billboard that fits the game's genre, I see an ad in a vr game I'm definitely going to delete the game and write a bad review.

  7. There will be official or inofficial ways to block ads.
    I will block them if they are anywhere even near things like a central hub or even withing games and apps.

    There are ads on the internet and i have no problem with them but there are none if you for example watch something on netflix or play a videogame on pc. >free-apps excluded<
    I am pretty sure that in-app ads on vr have no future if only for the reason that people wouldnt tolerate it and as i said block them one way or another^^

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