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  1. they needed to sort this out. screwed it for small content creators like me who don’t wanna go spending ridiculous amounts on loot boxes.

  2. 7 dollars in hopes of getting what you want..

    Or 18 dollars to get what you want..

    At least give us like, 5 free packs if we play not just the 2. I get its F2P but i need a reason to continue that doesn't involve shelling out more cash.

  3. That’s not really any better your still charging quite a bit of money for the rewards you can just buy specific skins instead rather than the packs. Fixing it would be having the skins as rewards for completing challenges okay have some skins be purchase only but majority of stuff should be available for completing challenges rather than just getting crown coins which are in my opinion useless as the items on the store are simply banners and music I love this game and will still play it but I feel like this event was EA getting its monitosation paws into it. Hopefully the next event will give players rewards for actually playing the game and completeing challenges and not for spending over £100 on all the loot boxes or 18 for just one skin

  4. That’s crazy 18$ for a skin really why not like 3$ or 1$ heck if 1mil players buy it you have 1mill dollars in profits I don’t understand there’s no way I’m spending 20$ after tax for a skin when I can invest in different games now I’m gonna keep playing apex cause I love it but I’m not giving them money that’s just dumb cause if everyone keeps buying them there not gonna change the price that’s my opinion boycott the skins please don’t give them money and they will make changes!!!!

  5. Hey respawn…quick advice.
    Take notes from Bungie and Leave EA and Find a better publisher who actually cares.
    Ever since Bungie left Activision,destiny 2 is start to shape up a little and slowly but eventually becomes a better game now that its not on Activision's leash.

  6. It's a free game and nobody is forced to buy anything. Everything is optional. How do you expect them to make their cash? If you liked the game you should support the devs anyway

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