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  1. Reminds me of the HTC Bolt when Verizon started tolling out 4G to my city. The phone's battery lasted a third of the time because was always flipping back and forth between 4g and 3g. I said back then that I would never buy another 1st gen phone when it came to wireless connectivity. Once Qualcomm incorporated 4g in the the modem in newer phones, things got a lot better as far as battery life and connectivity(by then more towers had rolled out).

  2. Marques do you think 5G or even future versions will eventually take over WiFi or do you think WiFi will be dominant within buildings or possibly outside with LiFi.

  3. it's not that great at all.
    Lots of REAL scientists and ex DARPA radio weapon researchers are saying
    how bad it is for our health.

    We already are doing pretty well with current speed,
    even if its far from perfect i'd rather keep my health and live for a long time
    while waiting a tiny bit of time for downloads, then super super speed
    and a "fast" early death.

  4. @MarquesBrownlee do you think Elon Musks' Starlink could act as an accelerator to 5g given its satellites will be far closer then the average satellite? Also would the satellites need to be 5g equiped? Or can they just beam the existing signal without degredation to the true 5G signal? Just a few Q's i was pondering while watching this video. Maybe Elon could monetize the 5G version as a premium version of Starlink? Regular speed. Plus. And Starlink 5G ultra?

  5. 5G sounds good but I live in rural Kentucky Verizon is my provider service is really sketchy an hasn’t improved any since it was installed a lot of areas around me doesn’t even have 3G even some bigger cities 22-25 mbps is as fast as it gets it’s isn’t just Verizon all the major carriers are about all like that
    I don’t see 5G covering any where around there’s no money for small town USA


    Just as you point out that 4Ge isn't 5G, allow me to point out that 4G isn't LTE.

    The 'G' in 2G, 3G and 3G+/4G stands for 'GSM', the wireless technology in which they were founded. That's why phones produced PRIOR to the advent of LTE actually display "4G" when they reach 3G+ standards. Sometimes, depending on the carrier/network, they'll even flip between "H" and "4G."_" The most obvious point to underscore: *_none of them are LTE, which is an entirely different technology.

    LTE is an entirely different. It's not based on the GSM technology. Hence, the moniker of "LTE." It isn't "4G" at all, because it doesn't use GSM technology.

    The same argument applies to "5G," which is actually "New Radio." Yes, that's what they decided to call the technology behind the newer, high speed wireless network, which provides extremely fast download speeds. It's just NOT GSM technology; and therefore it cannot be called "5G."

    The 'G' doesn't stand for 'generation;' and it never did! That was the excuse given by marketing boobs, who didn't know what the hell they're talking about.

    So, at the very least, let's differentiate between GSM and 5G, which are entirely different technologies.

  7. I think imma wait another year for 5G or even 2yrs because it's not worth buying an expensive phone with a 4.5G network… I'll wait till Note11 or 12… By then 5G will be more mature and everywhere

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