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  1. i miss the nfs underground style, where you raced against 4-6 cars because the races were illegal, no police chase, sport cars but no luxurious cars because again illegal racing, the drifting and eliminatory races and so on

  2. The gameplay is like an asphalt with 100x better graphics.. midnight club series was better, and nfs most wanted also nfs underground, besides that was only a dead games, oh I forgot hot pursuit was decent tho

  3. Game looks cool but idk why people are saying "there will be NO MICROTRANSACTION ". The dev on the livestream said thrre will be no microtran AS OF NOW meaning it will be added later, not during launch. However, there will be no LOOTBOXES.

  4. I don't understand why they feel the need to double the speedometer reading just for bigger numbers. I don't think you can drift a sharp 90 degree turn at 80+ mph.

  5. It's the same style as payback and the other one. I don't get why people are so hyped. it's literally the same game with a different map and cars

  6. Looks like the same old thing, with a new paint job. I don't know if i wanna play a underground/most wanted mix, feels dated. Too bad EA/Ghost couldn't step on the gas against the competition (Forza Horizon 4)

  7. so can you just crash into anything and your fine, literally in the first race he crashed through some kind of stall and just kept going lol. concrete doesn't stop cars anymore ?

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