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  1. Great interview but I really am getting tired of the disposable mentality that is seeping in the game industry. You don't see this mentality in books or film, nobody I have ever known says something to the affect of "That book you've re-read over the past fifteen years, doesn't hold up" I get that the developers want to show how much more improved their version is, and it is. It looks amazing but I just disagree with throwing shade on the past that's all. Games get old like everything else, and it's up to us the players to decide if they hold up or not.

    Just because Raiders came out in 1981 doesn't mean I don't still enjoy the hell out of it in 2019. I still play loads of old games that may be 'mechanically' inferior to newer games but at the end of the day I see them all the same, they're games. End of the story.

  2. Ummm… Instead of remaking a game that doesn't need to be remade, Can we just focus on reviving a series that we havent seen in over a decade…

    I love the game series but come on, someone's gotta agree.

  3. I just realized bullets travel at 30mph on this game. It's super dumb, but I guess the original was like that as well.

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