The Mysterious Smartwatch I've Been Wearing…

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Polar Vantage V Titan (USA Link) – Polar Vantage V Titan (International) – I’m switching from the Polar Vantage M to …


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  1. Tell me, Lew…. Do you actually believe there's a difference between who's spending 560USD in the regular model to whoms spending 700 bucks?…. Think about it…. Nice vids. I am a Portuguese long time follower… And like them. Just don't agree about money issues. Who's about to spend hundreds of money in a smartwatch, easily goes to the top model high end choice. Period.

  2. $700. That's a no go bois. Waaayyyy too expensive for what it offers. Even the $500 option is too much.

    Hopefully they get that price down.

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