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  1. Now I might be a bias here because I love Rick Fox and everything he has done for esports, at this point all this comes down to a he said/she said story

    And who are you going to believe? A racist asshat who has a history of bankrupting companies for his own gain? Or well respected public figure with a near spotless history?

    Wherever this ends up I feel sorry for everything Fox has to go though

  2. What confuses me is do we believe the guy who is proven racist and hates in a number of people or a guy who actually wanted to start big investments into esports and trying to establish these players are athletes and not just "gamers"?

  3. Rick Fox ha constantly shown us he cares, he even spent hours and hours grinding in solo que just to learn the game. This man has shown time and time again he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and I believe in him 100%

  4. There are No sides, the parties against Rick Fox fabricated everything against him. He wasn’t reappointed to head of the company until a couple of months ago, yet they are claiming that the company has has woes for at least a year… when that was the time that Rick Fox’s accusers in the company were running the show. All baseless slander, and racists thinking they can fling money and frame people, and he cans do anything legally, even though they have wrote Threatening/Provocative letters to him, I will link The eavesdrop podcast with OpTic Hecz in a later edit. EDIT it is already linked in this description. Must Watch.

  5. Well apparently there’s an update that Echo Fox shareholders want to silence Rick Fox because he said too much. Again a proven NBA champion with no track record of wrong doing is getting outed by some random racist shareholder?

    Does Rick Fox need to call the Lakers team from 2001 at this point? He’s basically has nothing at this point.

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