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  1. Nothing is gonna change, Sony owns the I.P. they own the PS4 and Playstation brand, they now own Insomniac Games, am I missing something here? It's not like the Spider-Man PS4 game overtly talked about the MCU and Disney related Marvel properties. They will be fine.

  2. Tom Holland and the MCU are really bad compared to the PS4 Spider-Man narrative, which has a very deep emotional connection to the player instead of a dumb teenage cry baby that Tom Holland played in the movies.

  3. The Sony game was smart enough to not have any explicit connections to Marvel characters. All the characters in the game are Sony owned.

  4. Who cares it not on others games consoles for marvel games so who care now .It not fair that marvel games is only on Playstation console only .So i dont care because of that.

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