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  1. really hope this isnt like diablo 3. rifts are the only real content and theres no real reason to go back and farm bosses. boss farming and the variety of different bosses and unique drops was a huge part of the fun of bl2.

  2. I want to be a fan and play but they bullied shut down the biggest super fan and promoter of their game so not to sure gonna buy used so they don’t get my cash 2k are shitty bullies

  3. A little concern I have, if the proving ground is always set to your level and you do a few games and say you go 3 levels above a recommended level in the story won't that cause the story to lose some of it's impact cause the harder parts could become easier?

    I am aware like these are optional and if the way there is something else added that I have missed and makes my worry obsolete then my apolagese. Just thought i'd voice it out anyway.

  4. This is so the wait from Pre-Sequel. I'm delighted they spent time thinking of everything instead of rushing to complete something within a couple years. September 13th cant come fast enough!

  5. What's the point in grinding for loot when you can cheat your way to the best possible drops with the eventual BL3 inventory and quest editor? I guess they never learned from the past two games.

  6. Is the element slag back or what?,I would really like if it had every element in every Borderlands games,fire shock corrosive slag and ice,all would be really welcomed in my book

  7. wish the number scaling was even crazier than BL2, it'll be easier balanced in this of course, but imagine getting up to like 100 billion HP :3 hope you can switch in the options from Classic to Newer damage scaling

  8. This is so nice that they put this much thought into it. Like I'm 23 but I have a 4 year old son I raise alone. I can't always play for extended periods of time but having a a semi quick, no stress gamemode to do for that is perfect.

  9. So destiny strike. I’m down, just make the look meaningful and not a waste of time like getting two blues engrams in destiny.

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