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  1. The fact there is no shooting in this game completely marks it off my list to check out I could not get into outlast because I basically was just running around. Dead space Resident Evil the best for games

  2. Why everytime is a horror game it doesnt have combat? I miss survival horror like silent hill, resident evil, dead space, etc, just running and hiding is so boring.

  3. This is a really boring video. The trailer is whatever. And their observation of the game in words makes it seem so boring and cliche. IGN show the trailer and tell the nerds that work there to… idk SHUT UP

  4. Another walking no combat horror game again. I'll find it pretty boring & not engaging when the fear factor is basically a forced running away unlike combat survival horror games that sometimes you have to outsmart you nightmare with your tools/weapons.

  5. No combat?? Why won’t these developers ever learn that you CAN make a genuine horror game with ways to defend yourself. Look at silent hill and the fatal frame series.

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