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  1. Price more and features less ? Where did u conclude this. Been watching and feel you're baiting samsung . I get dolby atmos, super amoled and a super service network. Compare which smartphone like redmi and oppo cost less and give more features . Sad. Unsubscribing

  2. @ Gyan therapy Bhai as always ek number first class video loved it!bhai old phones like 1*2yr purane bht lag hote hai jaise j6+infinity bakwaas hai bhai maine use kiya ab s1use kara hoo!Keep going bhai!^_^

  3. I am using J7 from 2015 working fine hang hota ha pr itna bhi nhi ki use hi na kr ske jb phn ka temperature bdh jata jb jada hang hota ha and still battery backup is?? better than redmi note 4 (2017)

  4. Technology dekho Note 10 me fast charger 25w ka hai par 30 & 40w ke charger se bhi fast hai…. Samsung Samsung hai bhai our china ki value china jesi kharb hai

  5. Meraa a 50 jayagaaa dinvar pubg khaltaa khaltaaa ??????
    1 question
    Smartphone myaa gamee khalnaa pyaaa
    Bettery to kharab hi hotaa hyaaa
    But game khalnaa pyaa processor aaur graphics kharab hoo saktii hyaaaa
    Kyaa ansss plzzz

  6. I am seeing his first vedio comes in my search bar and he said right apple is apple and Samsung is samsung apple will not bring phone under 30k

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