Trick Series – Cornering with Mr Steele

While out learning tricks in the park, Ben had a question. How do you turn your kwad without letting it drift? Steele’s got some answers for you.

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-Pilots / Hosts-
Steele Davis [Mr Steele]
Carlos Puertolas [Charpu]
Tommy Tibajia [UmmaGawd]
Ben the Padawan

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Tommy Tibajia – Producer
Christian Kapper – Camera / Editor


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  1. THANK #@$k I found this,,, I was getting really frustrated with myself. soo many videos on turning.. soo many hours… then… your video… OH.. thats what im doing wrong. LOVE YOUR WORK!

  2. Has Mr. Steele ever spoken a full sentence without tweaking his little mustache ? hahaha Cool video guys ! 🙂

  3. How is people so short minded? If your quad doesn't make tight turns just be more agressive rolling and yawing! For god's sake is it really that hard to try?? OHHH Mr steele how do you do a loop, oh charpu how do you do a flip or a roll? Go out and fucking do it with your quad, you don't need a degree to do a roll or a flip, if you want perfection just practise.

  4. im a gamer so fpv flying came natural to me, im curious to see the learning curve of people who have never did anything remotely like this in their lives…might have to make my dad try lol

  5. Great tips. Visually it feels like driving around turns, but without the ground friction is not. I think about it more like if you were running and juking around the tree, when you change direction you pivot, reposition center of gravity and kick off the new direction. When you try to kick off with the drone it will smooth over already because we're gliding on the air. Great tips. The audible difference of the bigger props was pretty astounding, they sounded so stealthy.

  6. Just… Thank you. Coming from years of flying (NOT crashing!) pricey LOS photo quads, making the switch to FPV racing/ FS has been a challenge at best. Your Trick Series makes it easier, faster and alot more fun to make the transition. Cheers to the crashes as well! Its good to know that its almost normal for us noobs to need a separate backpack full of props and parts per day of flying. Ive gotten it down to a shoebox-ful per day thanks to you guys. Keep it up, much appreciated!

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