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Racing against others’ ghost-laps in the DRL Simulator is the most fun I’ve had in an FPV simulator. With the new 3.0 release, physics match the real world closer than they ever have. The real question is, what would make you choose DRL simulator over another sim like Velocidrone or Liftoff? We’ll go through the new 3.0 DRL Simulator release in this video.

The DRL Simulator is available on Steam at:


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About the Author: Joshua Bardwell


  1. CLARIFICATION. All drone simulators compare simulated flight to real flight using various methods, including test bench measurements and wind tunnel tests. DRL is the first simulator to take a drone into a motion-capture studio and compare 3D drone flight to simulated outputs.

    Velocidrone is, without question, the preferred simulator of top MultiGP-style pilots. I don't mean to suggest that it's not a good simulator, or not worth checking out. I plan to review Velocidrone next, and hopefully when I dig further into it, I can figure out why I have had a bad experience with it in the past.

  2. Your intro is damn near a threat in the South lol. "You gonna learn today" is what you say when you are about to whoop some ass here in Georgia.

  3. One question on the physics: In both Velocidrone and even moreso in Liftoff my main gripe is that it feels like you flying in 0.7G, that is, the quad doesn’t fall nearly fast enough. When I’ve been playing a lot of Liftoff and then go to fly IRL I always have some really close calls and can’t nearly pull off the same tricks before I’m on the ground in a violent manner. How is DRL specifically in this aspect? Is it the same “slomo diving”?

  4. According to their system requirements DRL requires Windows 8 x64 or higher, which junks it for me. No way I'm installing anything beyond Windows 7 x64 – I just don't want that fucked up tile mess or split personality start button. No Linux support either, which is bizarre.

  5. Lift-Off was absolutely useless I could never get it to work it was a waste of my money and they won't give it back.
    None of my sim controller or flight controllers would work with it.

  6. Thank you from video. I downloaded drl simulator yesterday. It is the best simulator. Now more practise and then is my maiden flight with Xhover Stingy V2.

  7. I am considering getting into fpv. But before buying myself a tiny whoop which sim do u think I should buy(velocidrone vs drone racing league). Which one is more realistic?

  8. It's official. I finally got my radio and I committed to Steam and actually purchasing DRL, my first game of any kind I've paid for in a LOOOOOONG time! Damn it, JB! Making me be all legit on the computer software thing for a change. Now I just need Bardwell's yard to train and practice in! LOL

  9. Someday Would be nice to have a long range sim that allows u to choose a radio and rx and push the limits of the two seeing what it takes to failsafe (BEST real world calculations possible) aswell as different products and what to expect as a consumer… so u can push your gear PAST its limits in virtual environments… or try new gear and "feel"/see the difference spending that money would make… would apply to video units aswell and be a great tool and game… one can dream. I love liftoff but the ability to pnp otg makes freerider dope, just due to android compatibility imo…

  10. You've got me sold on my 1st Steam purchase. DAMN YOU, JOSHUA!!! Now to choose between this or Liftoff. You seem to lean toward this and all the technical research that went into it, it's got to be pretty damn good. I'll be sure to find the trainer quite useful. I'm brand new to the racing and freestyle side of this drone world. I guess my first purchase will be a better radio so I develop better habits with what I'll actually be using instead of just getting by with something and then possibly having to learn again with a different radio. I'm also not going to crash a radio, or goggles for that matter.

  11. Great video JB yea they are kickin' like chicken! How do I bring up the HUD in the DRL sim specifically the crosshair and horizon bar? I actually use those. thanks!

  12. I only have liftoff and I am a beginner pilot. The training mode is overwhelming. The quads are insanely responsive compared to the little micro drones I've mostly flown in real life. It sounds nice that DRL Sim cuts out some of the other controls when focusing on teaching one element.

  13. Oh maybe I should go check it out….. Oh just remembered I can't since they took it out of early access after using the community to test their shit game and then hiked the price up and denied access to the people that helped beta test their steaming pile of garbage.

  14. I’m so glad they updated the physics I could never fly the sim right before the update. i got to see the version 1 when the game was still free. It’s so great to race the current version.

  15. I have used this Sim for half a year now! They did An awsome update for the fysics, this is wierd btw, i types this when you Said it haha, i have almost 80 hours in this game?

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