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  1. Hah, the actors for Jon Snow and Robb Stark in the same movie and there's also a character called Sersi (yeah different spelling but you get my point).

  2. Feige: "You're playing the Black Knight."
    Kit: "Brilliant."
    Feige: "And you fall in love with Gemma Chan's Character."
    Kit: "Wonderful!"
    Feige: "she will be playing a character named Sersi."
    Kit: "Ahm gonna end this woman's whole career."

  3. not real excited about this movie. or anything else in P4 except dr strange. looking like the next few years for marvel are going to be pretty bleak without spidey, cap, iron man and Male Thor. Looks like we are going to get stuck with the 'B" team of movies.

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