THE GRID VR | Virtual Reality News – No Mans Sky, Doctor Who, Dirt Rally 2.0, Westworld, Wolfenstein

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  1. Performance in VR really should be paramount, one of the perks of a system like PSVR or Quest. Do you prefer locked down performance? Rather open ecosystem and whatever? Or both!?

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  2. Still don't understand why corporations are not trying to monopolize the VR MMO category, I mean after Ready player one and various anime's people are just fantasizing about this type of reality. Great vid btw

  3. Oculus Quest is so attractive that even my mom will buy one. She has always loved testing my Oculus Rift and when I told her that Quest exists she could not resist 🙂

  4. No man's sky is running great for me, and that is typical Codemasters proving they should change their name. As they clearly lack some code skills to claim such a title.

  5. We should get some rock solid default settings and then they should allow us to tweak things with a good quick performance test to let us see how the settings impact that default performance. I can see how the quest is sort of to reel in the more casually interested, so we don't want to allow low quality titles on the Oculus store. The less casually interested can always side load slide-shows to their heart's content.

  6. I had no way to thumbs up the video since I've torn them off and shot them into space in your previous video.
    But then I realized I could combine my DNA with Starfish DNA and not only can I regrow thumbs, I have grown 4 more arms, WITH THUMBS!
    LIKE button crisis averted!

  7. Minus the Shit is exactly right no unnescessary filler no droning about stuf on and on. Straight to the point a quick joke. Love the style! I already got all my news from reddit but it's a great roundup. But there are small things that creep up like saying war of the world will be coming to major PCVR platforms while showing it will also come to quest ;]
    Overall you are doing great job!

  8. FINALLY, a whole JRE podcast about VR. Totally looking forward to that. Also, just got NMS and looking forward to trying it out. I'm glad to have my monthly dose of the GRID VR!

  9. Phone booth?…Phone booth?
    It is a police box – not a phone booth.
    /Doctor Who fan rant over (just not the new one – do not even get me started on that one) 🙂

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