Baddest Supercars of Chicago Mob The Streets

Absolute madness of a night. We got to ride along in Jason’s Audi R8 V8 with B Rogue Built titanium exhaust. Everybody came out with their amazing cars in full force, including the police. We mobbed the streets with crazy cars including B Rogue’s Twin Turbo Huracan, Lambo Jesus’ Murcielago, and Matt’s (oilbrothers) Single Turbo Superleggera. Those cars are absolutely insane, it was such a pleasure to listen to those cars accelerate by. Thank you Jason and everyone I met, hope to do it again soon! The Chicago Car scene is amazing and I cant wait to show more of it!

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  1. 360p with 4 views and 7 likes lmao- guess I'm early. Great video as always bud. Glad to see you enjoying yourself and taking it easy for a change haha. Excellent content. You're really starting to blossom and figure out the YouTube algorithm that so many struggle with. Can't wait to see you hit 1.5K subscribers. Its been a hell of a ride. Stay true to yourself, keep having fun, and don't let the limelight change your humble perspective. Its refreshing to see in today's YouTube environment. You're the fucking man my guy. I'll be here to support you no matter what- even if you buy another Volkswagen 😂

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