Bitcoin ‘TIPPING POINT’!? $BTC Miners HALT in China!! FEAR? MORE Tether Stablecoins!?

#Bitcoin struggles to maintain $10k, $BTC miners halt operations amid mudslides in China, Tether to issue $CNHT stablecoin, Ethereum scalability, ByBit to offer coin swap, crypto news, and more!

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Intro Credit:

1:49 Markets 〽️
5:55 Bitcoin is a macro hedge?
7:19 The Pomp:
11:48 Bitcoin will disrupt gold:
14:00 Bitcoin miners halt in China:
17:07 Tether to issue $CNHT:
17:34 ByBit offers swaps!
18:00 Bitcoin Spider-man:

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Bitcoin Ready for EXPLOSIVE MOVE!! Are We Being MANIPULATED? Next Move is CRUCIAL!

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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