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  1. The prequels weren’t as bad as everyone says they were. Those are the movies that made many of us fall
    In love with the star wars universe. Are they perfect? No. That being said they deserve much more respect than they receive. Look at that fan reaction. Couldn’t be more hyped.

  2. Wth why is this a series? Don't get me wrong I'll still be interested but wouldve been so much easier to watch here in Western Australia if it was a film not really something that I know is readily available this way downunder these Disney series

  3. LAME. Obi Wan was probably the most BORING character in the entire Star Wars universe (and i do not count the new characters like Rey as true Star Wars) I wont be watching it, thats for sure. They should have made an Anakin series, with Hayden, THAT would have been AMAZING. Go more in depth with his story, show what cool adventures he had during the clone wars perhaps.

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