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  1. Everyone complaining about this isn’t realizing Gearbox probably came to Epic for this, for promotional purposes. This shows how big Fortnite STILL is, and looks to not be slowing down despite all the B.R.U.T.E. and build-nerfed complainers.

  2. I love how many "borderlands your better then this!!!" and "look what they did to my boy" in the comments I have never seen this much people be mad at a game for trying to expand in popularity and trying to get a bigger fanbase

  3. Squad: fortnite
    Psycho: borderlands
    Epic: (makes trailer about fortnite vs borderlands)
    Epic: (chooses borderlands)
    Epic: (doesn’t bring back moisty)
    Squad: you betrayed us
    Also squad: you choose someone else instead of your own game

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