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  1. Im from Malaysia, "time" is one of the internet provider at our country offer 1GBps for RM199 ($47.35 usd & 3388.03 rupee)… I'm think at India "Jio fibre" offer 10,000 rupee for 1GBPS which include 4k TV is not a game changer as they announced… as we see extra 6k++ rupee per month for 4k TV and unlimited call is not game changer…

  2. 'im done with you' works lot of time like i said the same thing to my credit card department than they said they double my limit and give me 10k reward points along with anual ccl fee waiver(which was 3500 inr or 50$) ?

  3. DU network in UAE :
    1. 100 mbps internet,tel&tv 171 US$,
    2. 30 mbps internet,tel&tv 97 $,
    3. 20 mbps internet,tel &tv 85 $.
    4. 10 mbps internet 73 $.
    (Excited for jioFiber India 100 mbps Internet, tel&tv for 10 $, 35 AED, 700 INR).

  4. ETISALAT network in UAE
    1. 500 mbps internet,tel&sports tv 152 US$,
    2. 250 mbps internet,tel&tv 105 $,
    3. 12 mbps internet&tel 81 $.
    (Excited for jioFiber India 100 mbps Internet, tel&tv for 10 $).

  5. Put Jio fiber aside. I'm paying 600RS for my 50Mbps connection. It's might be 8 – 9 USD I guess. India bandwidth really cheaper then US. I'm actually happy for that ???

  6. is kinda hilarious when there are tons of comments saying india have the cheapest/best internet in the world. is not really that cheap nor the best.
    in Singapore you onLy have to pay US $29 /mth for 1GBps unlimited data
    average download upload speed is around 700 – 900 Mbps..

    india still have a long way to go.

    bottomline is … those telco companies in the US are greedy .. that's the real reason why it is damned expensive.

  7. You should do a segment on how Jio increased the mobile internet penetration as well as drastically reduced costs . It has free calling btw

  8. I'm from India and I'm using alliance broadband which is a regional broadband provider . For 100mb/s I'm paying 1000 INR for last couple of years. So was cheap even before.

  9. Before jio, for 1gb for a month, pay 4 dollars + additional for calling
    When jio came they gave a sim and 15 months of unlimited data+calling+mobile tv for 2 dollars

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