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  1. Krown check this out. Plot bitcoin’s genesis trend line on the daily and use the indicator “bitcoin 350DMA” then turn off everything on the indicator except for the 111DMA , and the FIB 1.618 Once it crosses it looks like we will go parabolic.

  2. The last 10 minutes about psychology of trading is gold. Trading in the zone is so helpful and makes me happy when Eric repeats that stuff. Having a trade all set out makes trading a whole lot less stressful.

  3. I know your going kill me for talking about the news krown but yea the Ethereum classic thing apparently vitalik said Ethereum is almost at its capacity or something whatever that means and who knows if he even said that but that's what there reporting on. Also would like say thanks for the broadcasts love this show and for real thanks on introducing me to stochastics and correct settings have had way more success you are the realist.

  4. I'd like to explain to Krown the significance of those strong spikes up, that looked the same, and over the same time period. Those are caused by me placing a short leveraged position. The Bitcoin Gods think it is hilarious to watch my face turn colors. And I am not even kidding. I can wait hours, days weeks, but whenever I put my cards on the table, there is a huge market movement, usually within a minute of my position being accepted. So, sorry for all the excitement, that was me just testing the curse. unlike other times, I REFUSED to eat a stop loss, and decided to hang in. After all my bad luck is so predictable now, that it is almost normal market behavior. And it calms down after a while. Maybe I will make a few BTC this time by holding a short position. Databyter

  5. do you think when gold tops out that people jump to btc? will there be a noticable btc increase i wonder? all of btc market cap double would be sweeeet

  6. Bitcoin has followed this pattern for sometime now:It dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it has burst through. This may not mean its going to keep doing that but it spells out the fact that we all need to buy now and ride with the profit flow. Dollar cost averaging may not be the best way now to accumulate as its slow and expensive. Having traded previously and lost money i tried again after hearing about Paulo Philips and his system. He guides traders by providing trade signals which are so accurate i have made 8Btc in profit in just 3 weeks having started trading with just 1.5Btc. I think more crypto experts should do more like him to make an impact in other less seasoned traders. Paulo can be contacted by telegram Paulophilips440 or WhatsApp+1(985)686-0034—

  7. Since mid-summer, the market and analysts have been wondering if Bitcoin’s(BTC) retrace from $14,000 local highs was the retrace; as in, when would it return to a full uptrend? $9,000 was reached on the downside, but with Bitcoin threatening again to break down through $10,000, we may soon be back considering the retrace question. Starting with the 4-hour chart, we see that BTC has been trending down of late, in the local market structure. An inability to even make it above the 55 exponential moving average (EMA) seems to be kicking the leading crypto down to its last line of defense at $10,000. Co-founder of market research firm DataTrek Research Nicholas Colas recently said that investors should take advantage of Wes Harris Signals On CNBC last week, A Pro Trader who has been on the crypto space for 7+ years with excellent trading experience. Nicolas shared Wes Telegram for traders to reach him for trading insight and working signal to increase their portfolio, So I contacted Wes and seek his help increasing my portfolio, We traded for 5days and his signal made me profit, I went from having 2.1BT to 6^BTC. Wes strategies really worked. If it worked for me it can work for anyone. I recommend him to any trader outhere who has lost so much trying to trade bitcoin, You can reach his Telegram on => @WESHARRIS

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