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  1. This whole thing reminds me of that video where people were just yelling and complaining about how Kylo Ren's lightsaber wasn't possible. I don't personally see the big deal about analyzing how a lightsaber works, I mean if your a hard core Star Wars fan and want to know how everything works go for it. All I'm saying is this shouldn't be that big of deal, even my friends got into a major argument about it.
    We all know this won't be Rey going to the dark or grey side though, it's 100% going to be a dream or vision, Disney would never do something that bold.

  2. I have this feeling it will be a something like Rey rummaging around in the ruins of the Death Star and finds that stuff and just tries it on

  3. ha! Nice try saying "switch saber" at the end of the episode, not falling for that… I still think "double-bladed saber" is a lot better here… DOUBLE-BLADED SABER, Say it! 😀

  4. Damn I wish rey would turn to the dark side… But tbh I wish star wars would just end. Its sad that they are ruining the legacy of films that were made with passion and dedication. All they care about now is the ?

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