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  1. I don’t wanna be that guy but their other games have been meh getting the same vibes from this and why go against one of the biggest games releasing this year “borderlands 3

  2. Somethingggg about this is off… I'm not sure what exactly… The voices, the graphics, the camera pans, the lip movement, the tone… Idkkkk something just has me like ?… But the concept of the game is interesting

  3. This looks great. A lot of people complaining about the visuals or animations need to understand that this game has a tiny budget and team compared to the AAA games you're probably used to. I think Witcher 3 had a budget that was nearly 10 times this game's budget. The only issue that needs to be fixed is the damn cloak.

  4. Please don’t judge this game too harshly spiders studios is a small development team but this is without a doubt their most ambitious project and I think it had double the budget of the Technomancer this one looks like they’ve really coming to their own as game developers so just remember they don’t have $400 million to work with,,,,,damn chill out people.

  5. Looks very story driven and not money grabbing. How rare and not surprising that these types of games doesn't get a lot of coverage. Hopefully it lives up like Remnant has received.

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