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  1. The question we should be asking is 'is it good for humans to live without pain'? Since everything becomes so easy on VR (getting a mansion, 6 pack abs, a hot wife etc), you dont have to work or suffer for anything; wont humans just get bored and suicidal? Its like creative mode on minecraft, 5 minutes in you do everything and want to quit, whereas in normal mode you can stay in for hours…

  2. False reality. Specifically designed for the middle lower class folks. Eventually people live in that world to escape harsh reality. They get neural links and become bionic. You are a slave neo

  3. I honestly thought VR was dying out already. I saw they have some better higher refresh rate and resolution headsets available. But there's not that much you can get and do with them, besides just a novelty. And there's the whole needing a $1,000 PC to have the best experience with one, if you excuse building a used one.

  4. For anyone into fully immersive virtual reality you already have the best tool, the brain. Lucid dream and dreams jn general are basically vr but inside your own mind but with no restrictions

  5. Virtual Reality is cool and all that, but my biggest concern is that people just end up being stuck in a fake world with fake values. It's already happening with smartphones, now imagine what could happen in VR. My rule is always that the more senses something stimulates, the harder it is to stop doing it. A book (eyes) with good story telling is cool and all, but have you ever been stuck watching a series (eyes and ears). And you have to factor in that you have to imagine while reading. Watching something on TV already has a crystal clear picture

  6. They need to eliminate the screen door effect or develop laser projectors that display directly onto the eyes photo receptors. If they can do that, the sky is the limit. VR now is awesome, they just need to display the entire range of visual perception with no screen door effect.

  7. This guy is so short sighted its not even funny no thought for the long term effects on the human brain just from a practical and philosophical standpoint the downside of this tech by far outweighs the positives the entire point of this tech is to segment the individual from the harshness of reality it's the ultimate pitfall of a weak mind a literal bubble wrapped world of their own making it's about as sad as it gets ?

  8. would be nice with a virtual game or simulations , whatever you wanna call it where you can explore a 50s usa city or maybe Woodstock 1969 and/or other places from the past. I would buy that.

  9. DOOM!

    They say the meek shall inherit the Earth. John Carmack instead opened the portals to Hell in 1993. I thank Carmack for that.

    Anyhoo, what he describes here is pretty much V.R. to me. Amusement parks and Home Theaters… on The Moon. Actually trying to live some "second life" is a little… off putting. However, I will not deny someone from finding happiness so long as no one is harmed in the process. If that would be your thing, then have at it as it has zero impact on me and my life.

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