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  1. I just want to know how people think they saw the structures of the Death Star in the teaser trailer and in this one where Kylo and Rey are standing on. What makes it look like Death Star pieces?

  2. My theory/prediction is that C-3PO's red eyes is a callback to his "storyteller mode" (like how he did on Endor w/the Ewoks) describing how Anakin turned Sith.

  3. Tan mal está el episodio IX como para recurrir a escenas que le compraron a George Lucas, extremadamente decepcionante. Amamos las creaciones de Lucas así que no cuenta su "cronología Disney" ni sus eras, seguirán siendo las películas originales, las precuelas, y las de Disney.

  4. I’m just waiting to see George Lucas to have Kylo Ren killed off for his many crimes against the universe and being even more twisted than grievous and Vader combined.

  5. MASSIVE PLOT LEAK….In Disney's version The Emperor is now Transgender and wants to be known as Darth Mary, this 'person' (Preferred pronoun) now works with disabled children and puppies. But this 'Person' is suffering and is being bullied and is under constant sexual harassment from a white alpha male known as Tommy Weinstein from the planet HashtagMetoo.

  6. If you are excited for this movie you are nothing but a mindless media consuming zombie. Or you like stories with no or rehashed plot, underwhelming characters, and nonsensical battle sequences.

  7. Daily reminder that all Disney Star Wars movies leak online fully on premiere night in case you want to watch this without giving Disney any more money.

  8. "Star Wars fans who weren't lucky enough to be at D23 didn't have to wait too long before Disney released the new sizzle reel for Rise of Skywalker"

    No, but we had to wait long enough that all the spoilers instantly made it to the internet & ruined the trailer instead of just letting us see it with our own eyes & letting it be a surprise. Thanks Disney!

  9. i think they're just copying empire strikes back with the dark side rey thing. Copying the originals again, this trilogy doesn't have an original bone in its body

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