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  1. They force hyping it up so much cause no one cares hahaha. Here's the first sign, when a movie isn't out yet and they're forcing "greatest movie of the year" right off the gate… this is for the dumb people who can't think for themselves, geez they really expect us to be sheep don't they?

  2. I would love to see a trilogy of 3 standalone movies about these supervillains. A proper Deathstroke movie that is also grounded would be abolutely amazing.

  3. Joaquin Phoenix is only 44, WTF? He looks like he’s 64, he’s not that old, they could easily pull it off with a Batman in his early 20’s. IGN really should know this kinda stuff ?

  4. I disagree, i think its a movie about finding out an identity, joker is unhappy cause he tries to fit in as a normal human, and when he embraced who he is, that's when he becomes really happy

  5. 9:01
    In other words it have to be someone more original that try to fix what Tom Wayne end up freaking so the best I can suggest is the grey ghost.

  6. I still dont know about this joker seems more like this one is just a man that wants people to notice and like him instead of a joker who wants to make joke of the world and people and cause chaos.

  7. Wasn't Arthur Fleck supposed to be the person/character that inspires the later Joker to his actions and mindset? Oh, on a side note, i think Mr Fleck will be significantly involved in the Wayne killings

  8. Y all joke about cat woman but if she had the same passion and interest that Ryan Reynolds had for Deadpool it could be a thing but she's got other movies to phone in and be hammy so I don't see it happening

  9. The one comic that didn't come out "The Three Jokers" I don't know if that will happen but I would love to see this story in movies. I think this could be the first of those, one joker influences the next and so on. Or as you said a stand alone. I think though you can make the three jokers storyline with this one, and make all three feel like an individual movie, since they are all different jokers. Don't know but this movie looks absolutely amazing. Just a thought for you all

  10. Lol. No! This looks like trash. Looks like a biopic about a mentally disabled clown. They have even stated that this has no ties to any of the DC comics! So therefore it's not a Joker movie. And Phoenix is not that great of an actor. His cleft lipt makes him sound odd plus he has just played in amazing movies not the best actor.

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