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  1. So people can defend games like shitout 76 or anthem 1 week before saying its gonna change completely but can't see 2077 is due 7 or 8 months away, where they can actually change stuff like graphics or UI.

  2. I understand that the clothing gives certain buffs to the character but what's the point of showing the diff looks if we are always gonna play in first person?

  3. People acting like they never watched the gameplay last year when it said that the final product won't look anything like they showed graphically lmao

  4. This is the one game that has genuinely excited me in the last few years but i can't play it. My PC is too weak to run this game 🙁

  5. I was already sold.

    But now my excitement to immerse myself in the world of Cyberpunk 2077 has reached nuclear levels.

    Thank you CDPR?

  6. To all those talking about graphics, keep in mind this game is still in development. Check Shadow of the tomb raider gameplay released just 3 months ago and it looked bad compared to final release. This game is still 8 months away from release, so it will look very different in graphics and other stuff.

  7. Graphics look like they’ve taken a HUGE downgrade since the original gameplay demos years ago. Looks similar to GTA V level now. Hopefully PC is a different story.

  8. The best part for me was the three completely different backstorys and how it will affect your story. That means at least playing 3 times

  9. People have gotten way to used to trailers that show of fake gameplay. This looks pretty damn close to what a game like watchdogs 2 looks liked on launch. Its better for them to do this than to make fake gameplay and release that trailer to get people hyped like every other game does.

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