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  1. the amount of particle effects in this game is insane, it reminds me of playing Max Payne having a shoot out in a office and seeing just everything exploding from bulllet impacts and flying everywhere

  2. ambiance,art skills looks amazing, stroy telling is good but gameplay OMG this is disaster you continuously kill mindless zombies I am very disappointed Remedy releasing something like this after Quantum Break

  3. Thanks again, man!
    Can't wait till you review GREEDFALL (really hope it's on your list). Been cautiously optimistic based on the myriad available info/gameplay vids but really feel that "make or break" point will be the quality of storyline(s) & narratives.
    Really looking forward to your take on that, in particular.

    Keep up the good, concise work, sir!

  4. God this game is fucking awful!!! I am playing it right now and I am forcing myself to continue. It is so boring, the gameplay is terrible, the story is shit, and it is excrutiating to play. I cannot stand this fucking game. Glad I got it for free.

  5. I'm curious how come the gameplay in this video is full of micro fps drops and screen tearing and it isn't really mentioned in the review itself?

  6. This is one of the most UNREMARKABLE games i ve ever played. Enemies, zeri variety, stupid level design, it all feels like they got inspired by anthem. Yes anthem is better and has a eay more interesting story and characters. Yes you read that right. Anthem.

  7. The game becomes boring half way,the lvls look the same, and the gameplay becomes frustrating when you die and you have to do a big section all over again because where the checkpoint is,the checkpoints are placed like in the dark souls,what the hell.All the secondary missions are the same,you get tired fast of doing them,especially those that have a timer,I don't even bother with them anymore,the game is worth it at a reduced price and after some patches for consoles and pc.

  8. i cant believe how none noticed that your bullets can go through walls and objects to hit enemies as long as the crosshairs is over them when you switch shoulders. just like mass effect.
    it really bothers me with all the physics in the game, they overlooked this one

  9. The graphics is not that optimized. I don't have the latest. But I have a beast setup with 980ti and i7 with msi godlike mobo. It drops to 40fps dpending on what I was doing and it still has film grain even if you disable it. I tried on low also, it still drops. Can you confirm this? I'm on 1080p with 144 refresh rate. I only get this experience when the game isn't optimized. Like the game is from 2016 aka fallout 3 and 4

  10. I don't believe in supporting games that don't release in a working Polish state too long now we've been slowly numbed and taught to believe it's okay for games to release in a buggy state that never used to be the case and that's not a thing with any other industry you can't find in any other industry you buy something and so it'll work right in time no that's not how this works they're not going to get my money until it works properly and even then because I know that it came out not working I probably won't pay full price either because I don't want to support games releasing unfinished or broken if they need a bit more time they can or they can say hey look we've run out of money but the game is almost complete if you want you can pay for beta access early maybe throw in a skin for the people who helped support and bring it to its Polish state but releasing games that aren't finished and just waiting till people find out about it and fixing it later that's terrible and I don't think people should support that you do find see your money but I think it's just helping degrade this industry

  11. I had to subscribe becuase your reviews are the best out there, way better than skill up or others. Also because you shouted out smaller you tubers and that’s awesome.

  12. Nice one for the big call out to support other channels. I’ll do that. As always great review. One of the very best review channels on you tube and an awesome generous attitude. You’re a class act.

  13. I'm not touching this game until the PS4 exclusive content comes to the other platforms for free and if it never does, they can shove it. I'm SO tired of this platform exclusive content bullshit…

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