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  1. Damn, I was looking forward to cyberpunk. Now I gotta cancel my pre-order, smh. Hope the rest of you that are too dumb or don't care that you're being minipulated enjoy it. ????

  2. The people bitching about Cyberpunk offering such major customization options just because it doesn't strictly go "are you a boy or a girl" are some of the most childish and easily upset people on Earth.

    Ironically, at that, given they're usually the ones to make fun of others and then double down on it if they act even remotely bothered by it, as if to say their lives are so boring and sad that the only joy they get is putting down others as if they were in a poorly run school that looks the other way when it comes to bullies.

  3. What if the next "IT" movie is when the original carnival comes into town and he Discovers the "Pennywise" character??? Would make for a interesting time period too

  4. A new form of Resident Evil Outbreak? Can I turn into a zombie if I die and terrorize my former teammates? Can I use a broom as a melee weapon? So many questions.

  5. Fun Fact Re5 is highest selling Re game. They need make it scary like Man of Medan so that it can stay true to its roots but at same time be a fun couch ? games with friends

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