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  1. Let's see. I have Twitch, GOG Galaxy, Origin, UPlay, Steam, Epic as apps. I also have drm-free games on Amazon and Humble I can download. The argument that there are too many stores isn't a strong one because all my games, from store apps, are available from my desktop.

  2. I think they said 250 countries currency is supported, but some how Canada isn't one of them. I don't mind the Epic store, but when I can't buy a game because the exchange rate will jack up the price more than it is worth there is a problem.

  3. Not be a shitty launcher, not poach exclusives, not miss their roadmap deadlines, not not have shopping carts, i could go on but you get the point 😀

  4. It'll take time but they'll slowly and surely chip away at gamers until they concede. Epic knows it has to play the long game. Either that or they'll eventually throw in the towel. I think exclusivity deals are fine since the other storefronts have their exclusive games too, I just hope we have seen the end of "shady" ones where it gets announced for a platform like steam then switches. I think that is what upsets people the most.

  5. Ive downloaded half a dozen or so of those free games. one day i might actually play them.
    im waiting for borderlands 3 while i play my old games on steam.

  6. Although I totally understand people's frustration with the Epic Launcher and everything that comes with it, I personally have absolutely no problem switching to an inferior launcher every now and then if it means I can gather a substantial library of some of the best indie games around for absolutely nothing.

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