Bitcoin CRASHED! – The Next Phase Of The Bull Market Has BEGUN! – Where Will Bitcoin Bounce?.

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In Bitcoin’s recent consolidation pattern, we finally see that it has broken bearish. Will Bitcoin continue lower? Or is this the start of a new Bitcoin rally? We discuss the most likely scenario for Bitcoin in the video, and we analyze some tweets from John McAfee, as well as talk about the Bakkt launch.

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  1. The monthly chart is telling a well rehearsed historical story based on the 2015 chart and that is we have been going up for 3 months followed by 3 months of sideways and down movement in a consolidation pattern to the 21 EMA and the we will be going on another bull run for the following 3 months….in short:-
    April/May/June = Bull run
    July/Aug/Sept = consolidation (support at 21EMA)
    Oct/Nov/Dec = Bull run.
    Come back on Xmas day and read this comment again…and give me a thumbs up 🙂

  2. Been shorting since $10,400. and will keep shorting until it turns around at $9K, $8K, $7K. The whole move up from $6K was not organic and that's why were going back down. Hopefully we don't blast down through the $6K region like we blasted through it with all the manipulation, but that may happen. The perma bulls need to look at reality. We will see $20K BTC and higher but not anytime soon. Don't get rekt perma bulls be a real trader and short and long this market.

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