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  1. cyberith's gameplay was soooooo fake, they finna be using a wii accessory!!!! and also it was battlefield 4 and i dont even think battlefield 4 is on vr lol

  2. Infinadeck seems like the most trustworthy one, the other ones used gameplay from non-VR games, and smarter every day did a video on it as opposed to a random indie-gogo backer.

  3. You know what i find funny is that they used literal fps games to show what it looks like in game Like CYBERITH I’m sure was using battle field 3 I’m guessing to show the running which made me laugh really hard because you can clearly tell the difference between the way he jumps and in the game

  4. Omni is pretty ass, walking in it is super hard and it feels fake. It’s uncomfortable and the bars hurt your ribs I wanna try to jay walk one because of how they walk instead of smooth plates they put on the shoes

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