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  1. Hello sorry but I would love to help you with something I have a lot of problems and I want to help my family please I wanted to talk to you that you can help me thank you and I hope your help with all my heart and if you have family I hope you understand it thanks

  2. I love Spinel! I loved her as a villain l, but I like that she redeemed herself. She never was a bad gem she was hurt and in pain for 6000 years. She just wanted someone to love and play with her again. I loved it. Also I think people be forgetting this is a kids show lol.

  3. My jaw dropped when i saw the STEG fusion ??, my heart broke when i heard Spinel's backstory ??, but it was brought back together as everthing worked out for everyone ??

  4. Ita just a musical…but with that said it's a decent movie…made me realize how bad of gem pink diamond was…they should make a movie or some episodes bringing back pink diamond somehow

  5. The lessons taught by this show are horrible, there are things that can not be forgiven, pink diamond is one of the most horrible characters I have seen in years, a show quite illogical.

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