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  1. Thanks for all the support on the VR content! If you want to see more make sure to like and subscribe. Feel free to also suggest mods you'd like me to play 😀

  2. Hey Fudgy !!!
    I have a question and a video idea. So if you are interested just read it.

    If there is any musket mod you can record how you are using it?

    Oh and btw it's your choice to do that or just ignore my comment.

    Thanks and bye!

  3. If you go back the lightsaber mod, try to fight jedi while dual wielding a single blade lightsaber and a double blade lightsaber or maybe have two double blade lightsabers

  4. Hello! Fudgy, I haven't been watching recent stuff a lot! Trying to get caught up still, but I saw this! I live in Florida so I got today off, and monday! I had a quick question, and I was wondering if that is the only map for that VR game? Just questioning! Also, I'm looking forward to future videos, thank you.

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