The $70Million Bugatti Rally arriving in Monaco!

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Supercars on the streets – I am back in Monaco and for a very good reason! The day Bugatti announced tbey broke the world speed record with over 300mph they started their annual Bugatti Grand tour in Milan and arrived in Monaco in the evening where I was waiting to capture all the cars arriving.

insane to see so many Bugattis and Chiron all together, what an experience!

Enjoy the video!

Bugatti Chiron Sport, Bugatti Chiron, Chiron Supersport

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  1. OMG are you gonna tell me I went to Monaco a week to late for the chirons and the veneno but a week to early for a shit load of bugattis?

  2. When I read the title I thought “what the FUCK there’s a Bugatti that costs 70 mil? No way” then I reread the title oops
    Great video man keep it up

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