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  1. yo how in the hell did spinel get that injector and the scythe? Like she got in very little time and i doubt she would have both of those things on stand-by

  2. The Diamonds seemed so robotic in the movie, like they had no personality whatsoever.

    I wish they kept their personalities from Change your mind, that made them unique.

    Also Steg was a big nono for me-

  3. Steven changed a lot… likeee he’s not as friendly ? You could say I mean I guess he grew up but he’s just not the same he’s a bit more selfish not that’s a bad thing I just didn’t want him to change that much

  4. I think the mayor should’ve called the military, and I mean mayor nanefua, she said she would do something about the gems from home world invading earth but yet we still didn’t get see military even with an entire town breaking apart at the scenes how much longer do I and maybe others have to wait for that. Another thing will get to see the humans from the zoo in space come to earth where they should be. Finally will get to the all the gems from the cluster return all literally put back together.

  5. Did anyone else notice that in addition to Onion not aging, he also appeared in multiple locations nearly simultaneously? He was literally everywhere when Steven was looking for Amethyst, even during times he used Lion to warp to other locations. What is Onion?!

  6. The story gives little to no background on the events that happened. The movie doesn't explain things very well and has a lot of plot holes that make the movie unsatisfying and incomplete. I like the movie I just wish they spent more time on the story and made it easier to understand for people who didn't watch the show from the start to finish three times over.

  7. Me and my brother loved the movie. Honestly it give so much fan service it’s not funny. I was a little upset jasper didn’t appear, but it makes sense she would want nothing to do with earth. At least she was in the recap song.

  8. I felt bad for Spinel and then when she said it was only 6000 years I realized that isn’t a long time for a gem. Maybe it wasn’t that she left her that made her feel that way but that she was made new friends(Like the song) and she is jealous as shown through the movie.

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