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  1. Fam I’m trying to start up a channel tonight can i get some support it won’t be me being a fake daylty copycat lmfao but Using the tools Day have provided us with. I’ll most likely be demonetized i want to take advantage of YouTube and build a platform and community of us and others that can grow one another talents, support one another socially, financially, spiritually and more. This isn’t some scam of positivity but we literally have the power to build one another that’s all day have been saying over the years. Comment or leave a like if you’re down! ✊?? i noticed torgy has done it but I’m not taking anything away from you bro keep this up ❗️ we have power to connect to millions of one another n make this shit Shake frfr.

  2. Daylyt always talk one sided. Childhood friends didn't comment on Instagram, Mafuka they see you all the time, why should they comment. And do you comment on every post titled 'say something about me'? Come on brah stop the petty self entitled talk.

  3. My childhood friends turned on me and now they try to come around or get in touch because I have a nice car they weren't friends in the first place

  4. Don't Forget about us On YouTube Daylyt???,Connection on the island is too slow for your long lives,lagging and shit,Im Riding with y'all,Even though y'all don't want, I Legit learned more watching your videos Bettering myself Mentally,Physically,Spiritually?☝️?????Oh yeah and Thanks Torgy For the Uploads???

  5. I was so lucky that i saved 16 years of education and started making money by selling stuff. Now I'm 24 and i'm on that financial freedom level. All i need to do is to get more knowledge without getting myself into the cycle of slavery. I'm so glad that i made it. I feed everyone in my family by using my passive income and they don't have nothing to say anymore. Life is so good when all you need to do is to EVOLVE.

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