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  1. Valve has said before that they use Unity for prototyping their games because of how quick and easy it is to get something up and running in the engine. It's possible that what we're looking at is a prototype for HLVR.

  2. Tyler, please comment on how Valve completely FLIPPED their core ideology about physics based interactions with the player and straight-up copied Boneworks. I'm curious as to your opinion.

  3. this titles are a disrespect for project borealis and people really working i the 3rd project, not like valve, stop it, show some respect, no one belives that valve will do anything for half life, STOP.

  4. "Hey that new VR game thingy we are releasing.. you know, the lab" "Yeah what about it?" "I think it's done" "oh, did you guys put a bunch of Half life crap in there and "hide it" so that people will waste time scouring through the code and stuff, thirsty for half life rumors?" "um no…. why wou…" "put it in there damn it!"

    Seriously Valve seems to like just fucking around with people, but at the same time we have people they know are gonna comb through anything they release with a fine tooth comb trying to find anything that mentions half life or portal or something. Move on with your lives people, they waited to long.

    And before someone comments, the only reason im watching this is cause im bored and looking for stuff to watch. If I hadn't stumbled upon this video I probably wouldn't have watched it and watched something else or replay Dishonored 2 like I am planning.

  5. When clicking this video I thought of scrolling to the comments and writing a mindless
    shitpost, when you said nearly everything’s in there I realises some serious shit was up, but when you said “This is not speculation” I spat out my coffee, it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

  6. Awesome!! But damn u for putting the half life music before you rolled the credits- it re-awoken my HL heart which I’ve been trying to put it Of its misery for decades. Seriously, I hope u get the source info you’re looking for 🙂

  7. ILSpy / Reflector do produce actual assembly source code, but i mean, i doubt you've got anything of interest there. Its unlikely you're going to be able to recover a game from just Unity 'MonoBehaviors'… >_>

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