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  1. hey for the first time in a while i watched ign's review from start to finish ?.. almost lost me at "focuses too heavily on sub species and variants" though

  2. Me seeing review: OH MA GAWD NARGACUGA

    I can’t wait to play again! I haven’t played since monster hunter 3 ultimate ( I played monster hunter stories but I didnt like the cartoon aesthetic

  3. Mhw has been so successful I can only imagine what they gonna do with next gen consoles. The next game will definitely get a bigger budget ,what do yall think capcom will do?
    1 completely new monster hunter game with mostly new monster
    2 statis quo reusing monsters with new story.

  4. "Excellent as ever cutscenes"? I mean, I loved the base game, don't get me wrong, but the story was outrageously bad and the cutscenes a painful, unskippable mess to go thorough

  5. i just love the fact that they gave us subspecies of exciting monster like in previous MH games. i cannot wait to kill nergigante again in his sub form! this is a crazy amount of content for the price.

  6. GOTY RPG (2019)
    Like BLOOD N WINE (2016)

    Waiting for F4TED 4 COMPLETED

    Alatreon… Lagiacrus… Valstrax

    F A T A L I S

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