12S Beast class maiden! 44.4V racing drone

This thing is insane!
12S power on this 13inch quad copter Beast class is so much fun! Was only able to fly the one battery so I was just floating around making sure no crazy lipo fires started and so that I didn’t break her on her first flight.

Thanks to Armattan Quads, RushFpv and MayhemRC for keeping me in the air!
Where I buy all my parts – https://www.mayhemrc.com.au/
Rush Fpv – http://www.rushfpv.com/
Instagram @ovaflo_fpv

Beast X class build-
500mm Xclass frame (Bloodshot).
120A Apd ESC’s.
Brother Hobby 420Kv brush-less motor’s
MAS 13x12x3 props.
Betaflight F3 Flight controller.
APD power distribution board.
Foxeer falkor 2 FPV camera
TBS crossfire micro.
RushFpv Tank ultimate video transmitter (VTX)
RishFpv 5.8gh Cherry antenna.
2 x 3000mah 6S in series.

Camera gear:
Sony A6300.
Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens.
Rodemic micro with Deadcat.

Luts and grading:
Sam Kolder Lut pack.


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  1. Miss the shivers down my spine from that beastly sound those big quads make. Though greatflying make ik look like you flew a 5 incher, must be a great tune you got

  2. Been flying 5inch 6s but was thinking of building something for a dslr to do cinematic stuff ,think something like this would handle that alright?

  3. Wow great flying! I dig how responsive it looks for being such a big quad! Looks like it has that hang time floateee goodness! Would you say it's turning out to be a good handling freestyle quad? Def looked fun for that flatland open space freestyle flying

  4. The top speed can't be that fast though at 420kv. If you wanted to get an equivalent of a 2400kv 4s / 1600kv 6s on 12s you would need 800kv or higher with a prop pitch of around 4".

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