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  1. I don’t see why a person who wants to drive on track would ever go for an electric car. It’s an oxymoron almost. Redundant. If you’re interested in the turbo s for the track, you shouldn’t be on the track if you opt for the taycan lol

  2. Important stats not mentioned in the video about charging! 
    1. The Model S may charge at a 20% lower power rate, but it's more than 20% more efficient in power usage. You end up with both cars gaining the same Miles Per Hour charged, or even the S coming out ahead. It's really all about MPH. Not kWh. 
    2. The 280 mile range estimate is the WLTP rating, and CITY driving. You get fewer miles on the highway, and fewer in the EPA rating which is what Tesla advertises. Factoring in both highway usage and the EPA rating, the true range is around 210 miles vs Tesla's 345. We'll of course have to wait for official numbers but it should be very close to this number. 

    Also "small" thing, the 0-60mph of the Taycan is actually 2.6s. The 2.8 number is for 0-62.

  3. They can run Multiple performance but didn't mention the consequences of that can be on the Battery. Sure Tesla can also do the same with Model S but they always concern about the longevity and performance of the battery.

  4. So for the price of 1 Taycan, we can buy the mighty Tesla Model S, plus a proper lighter-weight track-focused car such as the Civic TypeR or a BMW M2 competition or hell, even one of the Porsche Boxters or Caymans. Don't get me wrong, the Taycan is a Porsche so I get that they can price it higher than a Tesla, but this high! They were smoking some serious shyt.

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