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Check out the MJX Bugs 5W here: https://bit.ly/2kxAB4X
MJX Bugs Drones are almost always winners and are guaranteed to come in at a reasonable price. The Bugs 5W is no exception as far as a quality build goes, and of course you are getting it for a budget price point. Now the moment of truth, does it fly well and perform it’s flight functions well? We are about to find out!

Check out the MJX Bugs 5W here: https://bit.ly/2kxAB4X

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  1. Got a B5W when it came out and it never drifted down like this. Very odd behavior. As some already suggested: transmitter re-calibration (sticks) might be in order in this case, but I know that you are going for the straight-out-of-the-box experience.

  2. You probably got one with a faulty barometer. For shame MJX. You are right to choose the Bugs series. It’s generally pretty good. MJX also has a couple of newer models out the bugs 4w and the mew. The bugs 5w is an older model it should have been good.

  3. Poor Popeye, at home slaving away on the chores; he hardly gets to come out and play anymore. ??

    Leave it to the Bugs to come up with an anti-fly-away “feature”…

    Most public schools (and government properties in general) are considered no-fly zones, so best be mindful if you happen to be nearby. ?

  4. Mine doesn't do that at all. Never heard of that issue.. Might try putting some foam over the barometer. Pretty common barometer fix. My issue is with the unstable footage. Planning on putting a osmo pocket under it. Only time I ever crashed it was recently, when I ignored through beeping lvc, cause it sad I had 2 bars. Went into RTH and I didn't know how to get it out and hit a tree of course. I fly surrounded by 150 fters. Just push the H button very easy. Tested several times after. Good review. There are better birds out there but not many for $130. Gets 20 Sats..c'mon that's Excellent.

  5. One of the reasons I love you kids is because of the honest reviews unlike others.
    I have the Bugs 2W, love and hate, the B3 and the B6 which I both love.
    The 3 is really a great drone to use an action cam if you have a steady hand and he 6 or 8 is just a great handful of fun o fly.
    I have some decent sunset videos using my B3 at the beach and crazy videos using the B6.
    One complaint with all the Bugs series is the camera aperture. and the largest on the B2w was the loss of video,
    Using the old and latest phone lost video only a few and less than a hundred yards away.
    I am a die hard fan of Bugs but not of the gps ones unless of close line of site.
    With this being said, my ultimate goal is to fly my B2W on one end of the field because of flight time, Breeze above and hat cam to make a video of my planes.
    That would be my ultimate and is yet to come. Gotta check out some fun flights where I mention your channel and kinda do a wave to Abby like she does.
    Take care kiddos and look forward to the next video!

  6. Hmmm….that loss of altitude seems a little odd. I have the same drone and I've never had any problems with it. Then again I've always had satellite lock before I took off. I'll have to try it without gps and see what happens. Otherwise though I've been very happy with mine and fly it whenever I can.

  7. Nate u used to be happy alot in beginner of video love u guys I'm trying not to be negative alot cuz I watch u every day I can't destroy something so beautiful ur page is very entertaining don't mind me I just want attention sometimes love yall guys at least yall apologize about traxxas your opinion is ur voice and ur voices are important its el mr

  8. Sorry you two. I was going to watch this although that's the one I have. Awesome in the wind. Worked perfectly for the first few flights. Now the camera to phone only works about ten feet away. Recall it back dose not work no more. For a very good drone and now still about new no good. Your choice on buying it or not.

  9. I had this drone and it didn't have the same issue as yours. You clearly got a faulty one where likely the barometer wasn't working. I didn't like mine because it was smaller and slower than I'd expected but otherwise flew amazingly well as Bugs drones usually do. Therefore I wouldn't dissuade anyone from buying one just because you happened to get a faulty one even though it was obviously disappointing. I would however suggest to someone looking at getting this to consider a newer model unless price is a major concern.

  10. I'm searching for a new drone and a bugs was on my short list.I am like y'all when I compare stuff it's by the dollar amount.So many people will pitch a fit when the$150 drone won't do what the $1,500 drone does.You have to be real about it and don't be mad about it.You get what you pay for and sometime you get real lucky on something cheap. Have fun y'all!!!!

  11. Well 2 bad. Like others are saying, recalibrate. ??❓. Any chance turning GPS on in flight goofed it up.??❓. Brushless-GPS- video- no stabilization WHY, just ain't worth it. It's Soooo wrong ‼. ??. Good place to fly. Good review. Ya'll just ain't having luck even with a good brand. Maybe not having POPEYE ? there took your luck AWAY. ??❓⚓⚓??SAYLOR'S ⚓⚓????

  12. Dang guys. I was so disappionted. You know I just sent Sparky back to the mother ship for repairs. And I was sure this would be a good back up drone while he's away. I mean it's a Bugs. And for $129.00 it's a good deal. That is very uncharacteristic for a Bugs drone. Are you sure you didn't just get a defective one? Of coarse I won't buy one based on your recommendation. But I think you should send it back for a replacement, just based on the companies reputation of building good drones. Maybe you just got one with software issues. Just my opinion.

  13. 200 – 300 meters control range ? my old Bugs 2 (with after market FPV and upgraded all alloy motors) allows me control well over 1 kilometer (best distance 1.5 MILES calculated with Google Earth satellite image) . 1 question …..does the app work with 4G mobile phones or is this one of those 5G jobs ? I've said before I dont like 'apps' , but this one being so cheap and an MJX Bugs quad , so I'd buy it if the app is compatible with 4G phones . By the way you need to calibrate the gyro and the compass again to correct the loss of altitude

  14. i have this drone. what a disappointment. no high speed so cant fly in wind above 10mph.
    i email bugs there reply it will not fly above a 10mph wind. now that stinks but a good looking. drone.

  15. I'm really suprised that drone preformed so poorly. Like everyone else is suggesting, reboot the drone and controller. Recalibrate. Please give this drone another chance (video). Thanks.

  16. Maybe a total shut down and re-initializing the electronics would fix the altitude hold issue. Otherwise it looks like a pretty nice drone. Thanks for the review Saylors, great job as always!.

  17. I think you need to calibrate the controller sticks and also do the gyro calibration as well. This was my 1st drone with gps but had a hardware problem crash a few months ago after its 3 month normal flights. Had to change the gps module to just fly VLOS without the damaged camera and fpv. Miss my normal flights with flight footages.

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