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  1. Never thought Lew, being a famous tech YouTuber, would love the notches be it of any kind. Personally I too agree that the iPhone x notch was hideous but the tear drop is the best notch design one can find.

    I also think Motors for camera are just gimmicky nonsense when it is just the replacement of a few millimetres of screen space on the front. It doesn't justify the added complexity in the phone. Because more complexity = more chances of breaking things = more money wasted as complex mobile repais are very rare in India. Everyone just gets a new one.

  2. xiaomi:lets do something innovative man lets take a risk line up with mediatek and make the world look up to us
    xiaomi employees hear hear.

    apple:hmm what should we have in the iphone 11?
    apple employee: a thunderbolt jack?
    apple ceo:sold!

  3. Floppy disk to hard drive , Wrist Watch to Apple watch , everything has changed but we are still the same human .Full of emotions ,anger ,lust and enthusiasm ☺️??

  4. I was about to buy this phone but after watching some reviews I changed my mind. It's just an iron box from Xiaomi. I own a Note 5 Pro and it is also an iron box

  5. forgot to mention this two things about xioami
    They sold 3M units in first sale of redmi note 8 pro in China
    And in last 5 year's xioami India sold 100M smartphones.
    It's really big achievement one like for Xioami.

  6. Realme XT is better than Redmi note 8 pro bcoz …MEDIATEK CHIPS ALWAYS HEATS UP MUCH AND BATTERYLIFE IS PATHETIC ….SO xiaomi increased battery … Snapdragon is more power efficient that MEDIATEK

  7. What is the sole purpose of NOTCHES?


    ….and for the record SAMSUNG hasnt changed the galaxy fold design+the crease is STILL THERE??????????????

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