Max Keiser Bitcoin – $100,000 Bitcoin By 2020, Keiser Report Explains Bitcoin Takeover!

?: Max Keiser Report ‘Bitcoin Is Individual Sovereignty’
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Max Keiser from the Keiser Report believes Bitcoin will takeover all fiat currencies. Quote: ‘Bitcoin Is unconfiscatable digital sovereignty’ – Will this lead to Bitcoin reaching $100,000? In this video I explain in more detail what Max Keiser is talking about!
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  1. BTC $10,800 TODAY. THERE ARE 2,153 BILLIONAIRES AND ONLY 17.8 MILLION BITCOIN AVAILABLE TODAY. DO the math people ! ( for more on this check my vlog if you please 🙂

  2. hey , i think we dont need to wait bitcoin up trend because i already make my portfolio 3 Time doubled with www usdsolve com , this is really good and secure way to increase your money

  3. Gold is not a safe haven… It can be faked easily and it can be confiscated easily from governments! That doesn't sound "safe" to me!

  4. When you talk about decentralized government you almost sound like an anarchist…and I like it! I'm also interested in the idea of there being multiple communities, each with their own rules. The problem with government is that you're forced to participate in their system in one way or another. One of those ways is being forced to give them a slice of your money under the threat of imprisonment. If there were multiple communities where participation is voluntary, you'd soon see a lot of people joining the ones which honor freedom the most.

  5. Max Keiser is a sellout for Russia and whatever he says should be taken with a grain of salt.. bitcoin is going to go up but for different geopolitical reasons. China is hoarding bitcoin and controls most of the bitcoin mining and in a way is their front for money laundering. They want Bitcoin to rise a lot in price for two reasons 1. End the dollar reserve currency status by supporting the underlying bitcoin movement
    2. Massive money laundering by chinese to turn their fake currency into real money ( i say fake because they ve printed about 30 trillion dollars in the last 10 years)

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