The "Dr Phil" of Virtual Reality Helps Cartoon Mushrooms Talk About Dying

Imagine Dr. Phil, but in virtual reality, and with the constant risk of being harassed by a mob of Thomas the Tank Engines with Nic Cage faces. That’ll give you …


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  1. I love how you dubasses at Vice "news" have not dedicated a video to the Amazon rainforest fires. Rather, have dedicated your time and resources to something so important, like VR, because the Amazon rainforest has 0 value to the overarching ecosystem of the world. PRIORITIES. Btw, this is at least the 8th time I have posted about the issue at hand.

  2. Syrmor is the best! Makes me cry more often than anything else on the internet. His deeply nostalgic videos about growing up with his friends are incredible as well.

  3. A stupid meme and kids trying to be edgy is perpetuating "the worst of vrchat"? Seriously?? That's pretty sad man if life is so good that we have to go out of our way to be offended by harmless fun

  4. Michael Moore, to Marilyn Manson:
    Mike – "If you were to talk directly to the kids at columbine, what would you say?"
    Marilyn – "I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say. And that's what no one did."

  5. This is literally opening Pandora's Box. Has everyone forgotten about Tay? Maybe in a few years alot of the current trolls will take it more seriously. Maybe. Then again, you can't make an omelet without first cracking a few eggs.

  6. Everyone should check out Syrmors channel. It is a fascinating repository of human experience and he does a great job as an interviewer and editor. And he isn't the only one doing this. Of you like what he does check out some of his friends channels too.

  7. I play VRChat every night. This video does not really show the whole experience fairly. It's not all swastikas and bad language or bad behavior. Most of the time, people are just hanging out and talking. I won't spoil everything, but download it if you have PC and just hop around in worlds. Talk to people and have fun.

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