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  1. That sprint animation is really hideous and too fast.
    It is visually rough around the edges overall but considering the smaller studio and tighter budget I can forgive that if the writing and world building makes up for it.
    Thus far I like what I see.

  2. Can you spoiled brats understand how much of an accomplishment this is for such a small development theme? There are so many mediocre or flat out shitty games with mOdErN gRaPhIcS

  3. It was made by an independent development team of 20 people, of course animations are gonna look rough.

    Also this says it's the FIRST 17 minutes of the game, so it's only natural that there's gonna be a lot of cutscenes with little gameplay IN THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME, especially with this being an open-world Action RPG.

  4. Part of me really wants this game, the other half can't look past the bad animations and character models. Environment is really nice, but I just don't know if I can forgive the jank. Doesn't look like it controls very well either, but uhh it looks so cool I'm so torn.

  5. Spoiled brats complaining about the animation don’t seems to understand how small the studio is . Get anthem , I’m sure it has GREAT animations and thus is better than this game

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