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  1. Crowbcats video is completely correct in every way about Gears 5 and after also playing it, it shows that Microsofts studios have no innovation or creativity whatsoever.

  2. I rarely see games now a days implement easter eggs glad gears didn't ditch them. This game makes me happy because the team was able to finish the game 1 month before release with no crunch. The microtransactions arent as bad as I thought they would be. The multiplayer is fun but of course there's lunch server issues.
    Glad xbox is doing well with the new games they are releasing. Forza Horizon 4 did great, Gears 5 did great and now its Halo infinites turn. Then we start the generation with new IPs (and old ones brought back, cough fable cough) from new studios like ninja theory and obsidian. Every 1st party on pc too! Xbox is playing the right cards right now.

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