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  1. They missed an opportunity. Would dominate the market if they made it 1080p and started at 128gb. Or even just start at 128gb. No other flagship or semi flagship however they want to call it starts at 64gb anymore.

  2. I’m glad I bought a iPhone X for a nice discount with my carrier, because I don’t see any improvements. Especially for a guy who doesn’t use Instagram or any social networks for that matter. I just like IOS but I don’t really care about the type of phone

  3. I am a huge fan of apple and using apple since iphone 5s and never changed my mindset for any other phone but this time apple really produces shit out of iphone and its time to leave apple now for me? but after this release of iphone I’m not too sad to change the brand?….

  4. Welp you pay 1150€ in europe for the pro but in America you pay lessand what's funny is that it's at 800 euros but in America it's 699$
    For the iPhone 11


  5. Have been using iphone XR for a year, great phone it is. 720p screen – you will never notice any downside, of course if u r not a geek. iphone 11 looks to be a great heir especially since it is $50 cheaper.

  6. Apple fans are literally brain washed individuals….you could lay a sheet of facts in front of them and they’d still be like. “No , you’re’s the newest technology you don’t know what you’re talking about”
    When in all reality , the same technology they come out with in 2019 is the same tech Samsung had in 2017…

  7. I’d like to say that this phone is going to be awesome. I’d like to, but I don’t think it will be much of an upgrade to anyone but iPhone 8 or lower users, like myself. I don’t even want to upgrade to this model because there’s no reverse wireless charging, 5G, Apple Pencil support, etc. I’ll just wait for Apple’s 2020 phone.

  8. Samsung S10 is far better if apple at all wants us to buy similar iPhone every next year….. atleast Samsung would give us something new

  9. as it's cheaper than the Xr and does everything that does and more, it's not… the worst thing apple have done. i'm mostly on board. still a lot of money.

  10. I own the 6s and my phone dies within 4 hours of use, the camera shakes and the performance is slow in general so I can justify going to the 11 but if you own an 8 and after, you could probably wait another year to see if they have a better phone next year honestly.

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