10 Best Concept Buses, Autonomous Cars and Bikes: City Transport of the Future

The world around us is rapidly changing and so do our means of transportation. All electric, emission free, smart, autonomous and super fast. these are the adjectives that should be used to describe the future of city transportation.

In our review we included everything starting from the last mile vehicles and all the way to futuristic transport that could connect anything from city suburbs to entire continents. Enjoy the ride!

Means of transportation featured in this video:

Mercedes Citaro E-Cell: www.daimler.com/products/buses/mercedes-benz/citaro-e-cell.html

Mercedes Benz is not going to wait another decade and is set to start the production of Citaro E-Cell in 2018. It will be a unique bus platform to fit needs of many urban environments. Electrically driven axles will be positioned by the wheel hubs which will provide the possibility for versatile passenger layout and customizations of the interior.

Hyperloop: www.hyperloop-one.com/media / www.hyperloop.global/press/

Hyperloop is one more innovative mean of transportation that the genius of Elon Musk is gifting to the world. It is a concept of a levitating train or pod, like the developers call it, that is propelled though a tube with a near vacuum environment.

Peugeot eF01: www.peugeotdesignlab.com/en/peugeot-ef01-e-bike

TEB Technology Future Bus: www.en.tebtech.com.cn/html/media/

The concept of a bus that would “straddle” above the busy city traffic has been around for decades, however, due to the immaturity of technology and availability of ready-to-implement existing systems, this concept has been resting on the shelves of engineers. But in 2010 a Chinese enterprise Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Company introduced to the world its vision of the future bus and an operational model was brought to life in 2016.

BMW C Evolution: www.bmw-motorrad.com/com/en/urban_mobility/C_evolution/cevolution_overview.html

Like any major company on the automotive market BMW is determined to follow global trends. Roads are becoming more crowded and pollution levels are rising. That is why we are seeing more and more personal transport solutions like BMW C Evolution Scooter. It is the first all-electric mass production two-wheel vehicle from BWM Motorrad priced at $17,800.

Honda NeuV: www.world.honda.com/news/2017/c170106eng.html

The developers envisioned Honda NeuV to be used primarily for city driving and short range commute. This car will be legal for driving in any city areas being a zero-emission all electric vehicle. In addition, with the driving range of around 150 miles, you will have no trouble with experiencing the range anxiety when going to work or renting out this two-seater for sightseeing.

Greyp G12H: www.greyp.com/

Xiaomi Scooter: www.xiaomi-mi.com/ninebot-mini/xiaomi-mijia-electric-scooter-black/

The last mile walk has always been the reason why you were late for work, date or meeting. You would leave your car in the parking lot and then run with your tongue over your shoulder, But what if you didn’t have to walk at all and could take a breezy ride to your final destination. Meet Xiaomi Mi Mijia an Electric Scooter that would fit into your car trunk and will make sure that you will never arrive sweaty to your next date.

Terrafugia T-FX: www.terrafugia.com/tf-x/

Terrafugia is a US based company headquartered in Boston that is famous for developing the first fully-autonomous flying car under the name Terrafugia TF-X. This vehicle will be able to carry up to four passengers, but at the same time will be small enough to fit into a regular garage. Flying capabilities are ensured by retractable wings, two propellers and a fan at the rear. Power to the propellers will be provided by two plug in hybrid electric engines with 600 hp output and an additional gasoline engine with 300 hp.

Fiat Chrysler Portal: www.media.fcanorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=18064&mid=&searchresult

The Portal is a cost-effective, modern, and most-importantly social car. It has multiple docking stations for cell-phones and tablets, built-in selfie-cameras, and its own Wi-Fi. The car provides its owners with a possibility both to interact and to enjoy a little privacy: there is a center zone and each passenger is provided with a personal zone allowing to listen to music, watch movies or surf the web without distracting a driver or each other.


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