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  1. The commentary does Peter Drury absolutely NO JUSTICE. Imagine if EA had him ffs. Anyways gameplay is amazing though but again the presentation, Konami really needs to step it up

  2. really does look better than fifa ngl… and players actually respond when they get hit in the face with a ball. But I already feel like the presentation will be poor tho

  3. The camera angle makes it look real as hell. But the character models are still a little odd looking. The gameplay looks a bit stuttery for some reason. But the worst part is the commentary. Its like 2-3 seconds behind everything that happens.

  4. What I have hated the most since Fifa 15 is player movement and how you can lose considerable speed by going from running in a straight line to diagonal run and it's from since then PES gameplay has been better for me and now with the players it definitely is the better option this year

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